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Avoka-Ing d.o.o.

AVOKA-ING Ltd. was founded in Zagreb in 1991, the founder is Stjepan Vrabec. Our vision is to be modern, innovative and efficient company of high reputation within the very specialized field of projecting, which we are successfully achieving with quality and promptness of our projects. Using modern techniques and technologies in combination with constant specialization, our company achieved great success and respect, within and outside the Croatian borders. WE PROJECT WATER SUPPLY AND

We distinguish PVC from Polypropylene, PE from HDPE, ASTOLAN from cast iron, SML from DUCTIL. The most obvious proof are our buisiness successes, cooperation with the best Croatian architects, certificates and collaboration with installation of the modern technologies produced by the big well-known companies as KESSEL, GEBERIT, ACO-PASSAVANT, HL, WAVIN, SAINT GOBAIN, PURATOR, AQUATERM, REHAU, WILO, FLYGT, HAURATON, HAWLE, GRUNDFOS, VIEGA, TEH - PROJEKT, KORONA, ISEA etc.


Professional team

STJEPAN VRABEC, Procurator, Licensed civil engineer N.O. 2083
VEDRAN VRABEC, Mr.Sc.(Civ.Eng.) - Director, Licensed civil engineer N.O. 3580
MARTIN ZORIĆ, Mr.Sc. (Civ.Eng.) - design ingeneer
ROMANA MEDENJAK, construction technician
ANTO ORŠOLIĆ Mr. Sc. (Civ. Eng.), junior design ingeneer

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